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Meet Lawrence Muganga


Thank you for visiting my website. I certainly believe that you have seen here that there’s a consistent mission in all I do. In a sentence, it’s to transform the factory we call school through real-world learning and real-life projects (call it the authentic learning education model). If that resonates with you, I trust you’ll contact me and let’s get some work done! I will help you create courses that are seamlessly grounded in a cutting-edge educational paradigm known as authentic learning which, in short, means realistic learning in a real-life context. It means breaking down the walls of the school and taking education into the community. It means producing a tangible product that society can use. It means teaching students the soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity. This education model helps prepare students for the creative economy, where, rather than sitting behind desks and carrying out orders, people can find their true niche in the world and control their own destiny.

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